A City in the US Accepts to Pay 600,000 Dollars Bitcoin to Hackers!

A City in the US Accepts to Pay 600,000 Dollars Bitcoin to Hackers!

People who hacked the city system managed to get 65 Bitcoins!

According to a New York Times report on June 19, the city of Riviera Beach in Florida has agreed to pay $600,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) to people who hack their systems and make all files inaccessible.

According to the information in the news, the city experienced a kind ofdata security incident on May 29, and one of the police department employees opened an email attachment that he did not know possessed any harmful software, causing the entire online system to crash. The hackers soon reached the encrypted information of the entire city, blocking access to critical information, making the city unable to receive payments other than payment by hand.

Hackers Captured 65 Bitcoins

Rose Anne Brown, one of the city council spokespersons, said the city had to spend $ 900,000 for the next year’s computer software system.

After the unfortunate incident, the city council reluctantly agreed to pay 65 Bitcoins ($ 592,000 at that price) and re-established the city system with the data. However, there is no guarantee that hackers will not release the sensitive and encrypted data to the public after taking the money and reopening the system.

Also, the city of Baltimore faced a similar attack last May, and cybercriminals seized 10,000 government computers and virtually destroyed the local utility system. Although the hackers claimed $ 100,000 worth of Bitcoin, the city refused to give it, according to the available information.

FBI Intervention to Ransom with Crypto Money!

A ransomware sent to the Baltimore city government triggered FBI officials.

Since the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) was first released, cryptocurrencies have come a long way, and were once regarded only as assets used for illegal shopping, and are now used by many legitimate institutions and organizations.

Nevertheless, due to the nature of the cryptocurrencies, criminals continue to use various crypto coins from time to time and the most recent example of this happened in the United States.

Baltimore, Maryland in the US, had a hard time with a ransom software that entered its systems in the past months and then decided to renew the whole system and continue. According to information provided by the Baltimore Sun after the system was cleaned and cleaned again, hackers managed to infiltrate the network last weekend, and this situation attracted the attention of the FBI.

Baltimore Mayor Jack Young said in a statement on the subject that their sole purpose was to disrupt the systems and they could raise more money if they used it for good rather than evil.

FBI is involved

Hackers entering the system are using ransom software known as RobinHood, and in the first notification they submitted, they demanded 3 Bitcoins (BTC) to open each system or 13 Bitcoins to open the whole communication system of the city.

In addition to this, in the event of contact with law enforcement officers, all communication will be interrupted and anti-virus software will damage computers. The FBI was also involved in the event due to the growth of the system and the re-locking of the system, and information was shared in the coming days.

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