Analyst who knows $10,000: Bitcoin can rise to $100,000 in this rise!

Analyst who knows $10,000: Bitcoin can rise to $100,000 in this rise!

Renowned analyst Naeem Aslam has announced her new forecast for Bitcoin.

In an interview with Fox Business on 24 June, ThinkMarkets’ leading analyst Naeem Aslam announced that the leading crypto currency, Bitcoin (BTC), could climb somewhere between $ 60,000 and $ 100,000 in this bull run.

Aslam said in his analysis on June 17 that Bitcoin could reach $ 10,000 within a few weeks, and that institutional investors were the main factor behind the price rise.

Bitcoin really crossed the five-digit limit on June 22nd, and for the first time in 2019 went beyond $ 10,000.

Target for Bitcoin is $ 20,000, then $ 50,000!

According to Aslam’s claim, the major resistance points that need to be broken at the moment appear to be between $ 20,000 and $ 50,000. Aslam stated that people would set $ 50,000 as their target and that everything would develop very fast with the increase of 20.000 dollars. Breaking $ 50,000 will create an incredible FOMO that will bring the rise to $ 100,000.

In addition, the famous analyst said that Bitcoin could be used as a tool to avoid risk in global markets and that it was digital gold. Both gold and Bitcoin achieved a dramatic rise in these global turbulent times, which, according to Aslam, is due to investors’ lack of confidence in the stock market.

Bitcoin is traded at $11,352 compared to the press clock, but many experts stress that the $11,700 level is one of the most critical resistance points.

Bulls Have No Intention of Releasing Control

After a week of boring outlook in the crypto money market, we see bulls wanting to regain control. Over the past 48 hours, Bitcoin persistently tried to break the 8,000 level, and today it has reached $ 8,140 in the morning. In terms of technical analysis, this rise has not yet yielded, but some analysts say that Bitcoin bulls will continue to put more pressure on prices in the coming days.

Collection Phase

According to Ethereumworldnews, one of Twitter’s analysts, Financial Survivalism, says Bitcoin has found strong support at $ 7,600 and has a chance to see higher levels thereafter. The four-hour chart of Bitcoin looks like a collection phase model, the analyst says. If this happens, according to Financial Survivalism, Bitcoin will surpass $ 8,140, ​​then return to $ 7,700, and again $ 8,000.

On the other hand, Naeem Aslam, one of the most famous analysts of the crypto currency world, said June would be a good month for Bitcoin. Using the five-year historical indicators, Aslam said that the biggest increase rate could be around 25.98%, which would carry Bitcoin up to $10,712.

Filb Filb, one of the famous analysts on Twitter, said that Tether’s movements in market capitalization correctly predicted Bitcoin movements. Filb Filb recently shared a hint that the increase in the number of Tether would affect Bitcoin.

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