Attack on John McAfee’s Magic Platform

Attack on John McAfee's Magic Platform

McAfee’s Crypto Money Platform Attacked! McAfee thanked the hackers.

McAfee Cyber-security ’expert John McAfee, one of the most criticized names in the cryptocurrency industry, announced that he has launched his own cryptocurrency platform in a recent statement.

This crypto-currency platform called Magic offers McAfee’s claim that ”users can make crypto-currency transactions automatically and manually on multiple crypto-currency exchanges in a single dashboard”.

McAfee Magic Attacked

According to a tweet published by McAfee, the new entry platform was immediately attacked by hackers by DDoS.

McAfee emphasized that he thanked hackers wholeheartedly for tanıtım free publicity ile with an interesting approach. Answering the question of whether a follower has found the hackers, McAfee said that he was approaching to find them and that he was using a Tir Tir browser of an idiot, which was an entirely amateur hacking attempt.

According to the information given in the shipment, the platform was subjected to an open source network stress test and denial of service attack, also known as High Orbit Ion Cannon, designed to attack 256 URLs at the same time. The site is still up and running despite the attack, according to the press clock.

Magic Trading Platform

According to Coindesk,

Magic cryptocurrency trading platform allows users to automatic automatically and manually cryptocurrency transactions on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges in a single dashboard”.

Most trading platforms leave the platform because the platform provides access to eight exchanges and allows bot transactions with over 500 cryptocurrencies. In addition, Magic offers beginner traders the ability to copy trades from professionals and perform shadow transactions.


It is stated that the trading platform has DDoS protection for security. In addition, the optional site Magic site trading platform is stored on top-of-the-line Amazon Web Service servers.

Web We offer this platform after several months of extensive testing and auditing processes, da the website said.

On the other hand, according to a recent statement made by McAfee’s Twitter, Magic, even before the market was exposed to attacks. McAfee said that as the attacks continued, Amazon servers learned to deal with it.

In addition, John McAfee announced on 6 June that Bitcoin debit cards bearing his name were ready and a week later he would distribute 20 McAfee Bitcoin Debit Cards to members of the press.

In a recent statement, McAfee announced that the cards are ready and will distribute 20 McAfee Bitcoin Debit Cards to press members next week. The members of the press to store the card to himself if he wants can also return the famous name stating, they can be used anywhere and directly from the smartphone wallets can be transferred into the balance expressed.

The only requirement that McAfee requires is that the cardholders will be members of major and major media outlets. When it comes to McAfee, it is still unclear whether the cards will actually be dealt next week or not, and a last-minute development can happen.

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