When Bitcoin is in a raging bull mode, it earns more than 13% in the 24 hours before the time of writing and sees a price increase that has not been seen since the beginning of January 2018. Tom Lee seems to be counting on his chance to reach $ […]

McAfee’s Crypto Money Platform Attacked! McAfee thanked the hackers. McAfee Cyber-security ’expert John McAfee, one of the most criticized names in the cryptocurrency industry, announced that he has launched his own cryptocurrency platform in a recent statement. This crypto-currency platform called Magic offers McAfee’s claim that ”users can make crypto-currency […]

According to a Bloomberg report on June 27, the fortunes of the twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, known as the Bitcoin bulls of the crypto money market and the founders of the Gemini crypto money exchange, have nearly doubled after the recent Bitcoin movements and reached $ 1.45 billion. […]