How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC)?

How to Buy Bitcoin

As you know, Bitcoin has reached a level of approx. 11 thousand dollars. Relevant investment experts say that Bitcoin will not stay at this level and may rise further. Inevitably, such views increase expectations. Rightly, people want to get involved in this fury somehow.

Of course, buying Bitcoin 3 years ago was not as easy as it is now. People do not have enough awareness about Bitcoin and they are limited to where you can buy Bitcoin. Today, at many points, we can make Bitcoin transactions either by credit card or by wire transfer. Now, let’s learn how to buy Bitcoin together.

How to Buy Bitcoin?

First of all, you need a Bitcoin wallet (BTC Wallet) before you buy Bitcoin. Since this topic requires an article in itself, I do not touch on this topic for the time being. But you can install your mobile phone with the application named Jaxx can meet your wallet needs. I plan to write a more comprehensive article about Bitcoin wallets in the coming days.

Now, if we go back to the real issue, how can we buy bitcoins? There are different ways of doing this. You can also get by credit card, you can get by wire transfer, of course, the simplest method is to trade by hand. Usually, this method is used by people who do not have credit cards or who do not trust any system. Now you can think of a question like this. Where do I get the guy to sell Bitcoin? This question does now appear these days, everything is working on the internet.

Facebook has hundreds or even thousands of bitcoin-related groups. You can trade bitcoin by hand with Bitcoin dealers in the same city. There are hundreds of Bitcoin-related events. You can meet Bitcoin traders by attending these events.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Wire Transfer/EFT?

Another method you can use to purchase Bitcoin is the Transfer / EFT method. After all, not everyone has a credit card. There are also many people who do not find credit cards reliable. Most people still have the fear of stealing their credit cards on the Internet. It is at this point that we are able to buy Bitcoin by wire transfer. I must point out that buying bitcoins by wire transfer/eft is a bit more difficult than buying by credit card. Because, first of all, you are waiting for the confirmation of your membership by presenting your identity on the sites that you can buy with a money order/eft. This period can sometimes exceed a week. And during the membership approval process, you share all of your credentials, which creates a security problem.

How to buy Bitcoin by using Binance Market?

1. Binance Membership

First, you need to create your membership here. At Binance you can shoot up to 2 BTC per day without account verification, which is a very high figure. Binance doesn’t have this on other exchanges when you’re asked for documents (ID, photos, invoices, etc.) for account verification.

2. Security

Activate Google 2-Step Verification after completing the membership process. This is very important for your safety. With this process, even if you steal your password and mail, no one else can enter your account as long as you have your mobile phone.

3. Wallet addresses

After completing the membership and security step, we can now proceed to the Bitcoin, Ethereum or other coins transfer to our account. To do this, click on the Funds> Deposits menu in the top menu.

For example; If you have Bitcoin, type BTC in the box on the left and enter your BTC Deposit address.

Get an Online Wallet First!

First of all, you must have a wallet where you can put your Bitcoins. In the Bitcoin world, this is called an et wallet da, but you might consider it your online wallet (online wallet) or a bank account. Here are two options:

1-) A software wallet where you can store Bitcoin on your hard drive
2-) An online, web-based wallet service

Both options may have security vulnerabilities. (Do not be afraid of the vulnerability, we mean problems caused by user error.)

If you store your Bitcoins on your hard drive, we recommend that you make a continuous backup in case your hard drive crashes.

Security protocols in an online wallet or web-based wallet services may also be very well protected or low protected, depending on which you choose. The choice is all about which one you trust more.

The number of platforms and exchanges available for exchanges is constantly increasing because there are many new initiatives to enter this market. Some offer the opportunity to trade with all digital currencies and fiat currencies (money for precious metals such as gold and silver), while others are only platforms where you can trade Bitcoin with limited trades.

Online wallets are the best option for trading and storing Bitcoin on the Bitcoin exchange. The best option for exchange and online wallet varies depending on where you live.

Alerts About Stock Exchanges, Wallets and Bank Accounts!

Despite identity requirements, stock exchanges and wallets are not organized as in banks. So your account is stolen by hackers who do not have any insurance against. As Bitcoin is not currently regarded as a legal currency in most countries, authorities have not been able to determine exactly how to implement this theft. Once the thieves have stolen your wallet password once and change your password, you have no guarantee to get your account back.

Using as an Investment Tool

If you don’t mind taking large amounts of Bitcoin and keeping them safe for yourself, you can invest your money in Bitcoin as an investment tool. The Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT), established for this purpose, allows you to deposit your money in Bitcoin and secure your Bitcoins with the existing security protocols used by banks.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are a new concept and a very rare entity, but since its inception, it has proved to be a very popular and very simple one. You can compare ATMs to merchants you shop face-to-face. In this shopping with a machine instead of people, you put the cash into the ATM and you receive a code in which you can load Bitcoin into your wallet.

Again, it is worth mentioning that you must have an online and local wallet to use ATMs.

How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) 2019

It is quite easy to get bitcoin even for the new ones in the cryptocurrency world. There are markets and exchanges where crypto money can be easily purchased, sold and exchanged. Most of them are user-friendly platforms for beginners and professionals alike, with uncomplicated designs for those who wonder how to get Bitcoin. In this article, you will learn every aspect of how to take Bitcoin without risk.

Bitcoin can be bought, sold and exchanged as a digital currency just like the paper money in our wallets. The difference from nominal money is that it is decentralized and is traded in peer-to-peer networks thanks to block chain technology.

Formal money is managed from a single-center, such as the government treasury, to control transactions and generate money. Peer to peer technology allows everyone to participate in security and process verification. Therefore, there is no person or entity with full authority over Bitcoin.

If you want to make money online with Bitcoin, you will need a Bitcoin wallet. So, what is this? A Bitcoin wallet is a wallet where you put the Bitcoins you receive, such as your physical wallet in your pocket or purse. However, the Bitcoin wallet is for private keys that authorize transactions rather than paper money.

A private key is a series of code that matches public keys that allow you to trade Bitcoins that you own. Of course, it is important that you have a secure Bitcoin wallet, as you must, of course, protect your private keys.

These wallets have many options, including online, offline, hardware and paper. They provide a variety of levels of security to serve different needs for the Bitcoins they contain. The same wallet rules apply if you want to make money with other cryptocurrencies.

If you want to learn how to buy high amounts of Bitcoin, or plan to win, you’ll practically need a safer wallet to store most of your winnings, and you’ll get a few online wallets for your buying, selling, swapping needs.

You can also earn BTC by playing Casino Games, choosing one of the websites on De Bedste Online Casinoer

How to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) With Debit Card?

Apart from these, there are many more stock markets with different essential features. Please note that not all cryptocurrency exchanges contain all the altcoins (different crypto coins such as Litecoin and Ethereum) on the market, as they are very large in number. They usually contain altcoins that are determined by the majority. It is common to use several different Bitcoin exchange accounts if you plan to invest in Bitcoins, which are less popular but have more potent potential.

As the answer to the question of how to get Bitcoin, you will have many options. You can use all of the payment applications such as money transfer, cash, and credit card.

All you need to do is link your bank account to the Bitcoin exchange platform of your choice.

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