John McAfee: These 3 Altcoins will Rise 10 Times!

John McAfee: These 3 Altcoins will Rise 10 Times

John McAfee listed the rising altcoins.

The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), has seen an incredible rise over the past week and came up to $ 13,000 yesterday, suggesting the possibility of FOMO starting.

Looking at Google Trends data, ”Buy Bitcoin” didn’t reach a sharp increase in 2017. This brings to mind the idea that institutional investors or whales make a serious purchase.

Many people were earning the bitcoin rise (BTC), while the rest of the altcoins sadly watched the leader’s exit. John McAfee, a cybersecurity expert, and millionaire, also sent a hopeful tweet to the survivors of the altcoins. McAfee stressed that Bitcoin has risen, but the main winners will soon be subcoins.

McAfee’s Favorite Altcoins

According to McAfee, the most profitable sub coins, like Bitcoin, will increase by 10 times. McAfee listed his first three as Docademic, Apollo (APL) and Tezos (XTZ), respectively. Despite McAfee’s open tweet, his earlier ads or ”shillings in the crypto money industry have earned McAfee a pretty bad reputation, but a significant increase in altcoins can still be observed with the bull coming.

Bitcoin cranking up, but the real winners, beginning soon, will be the altcoins 10x + the rise in Bitcoin. Bear Market – Docademic, Apollo, XTZ, etc. This is where the real money is to be made. Fill your bags folks.” – John McAfee.

Does Bitcoin face resistance at the $ 13,000 limit?

Bitcoin has been breaking a record-breaking record recently. Leading cryptocurrency crossed the $ 12,000 limit today, rising to $ 13,000 in the morning.

Bitcoin Rising Up

Bitcoin was trading yesterday at $ 11,300. However, today, with the opening of the Asian markets began to rise again. According to Coinmarketcap data, the price of Bitcoin saw $ 12,867 in the morning. Some leading stock exchanges even traded over $ 13,000 for a while.

In addition, Bitcoin’s daily transaction volume reached 31 billion dollars and the market value of Bitcoin reached 226 billion dollars. In addition, Bitcoin broke the record of the last two years and increased its market dominance to over 60%.

Next Resistance

Analysts and investors continue to look at the charts to predict where the next level of resistance might come across. Analysts estimate the previous resistance level was $ 11,500. $ 11,500 is currently seen as a support level.

There was no withdrawal after the $ 11,500 level was exceeded and the increase continued.

Some analysts think that $ 13,000 might also have little resistance.

On the other hand, according to well-known investor Josh Rager, Bitcoin’s next strong resistance level will be the $ 14,200 band. The analyst believes that once this level is exceeded, the increase to the all-time record will continue unabated.

Rager expresses his thoughts in a tweet as follows:

“Weekly chart looks very good. People can continue to talk about the withdrawal, but no one will be able to avoid exceeding $ 13,000. After the price exceeds $ 14,200, there is hardly anything to stand before reaching the all-time record. I’m not gonna stop in front of a moving train.”

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