Oil Company Wants to Sell Bitcoin ATMs to Casinos

Oil Company Wants to Sell Bitcoin ATMs to Casinos

Despite the warnings that the Israeli regulator cannot tolerate bitcoin to get the back door listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, publicly traded companies continue to enter the field. The latest example is a company focusing on oil refineries to date. They suddenly announced plans to sell his bitcoin ATMs to casinos in Turkish-occupied northern Cyprus and possibly Nigeria.

Bitcoin is the New Oil Source!

Chiron Refineries, a company focused on developing oil refineries in Africa, announced that it entered the cryptocurrency market on Tuesday morning and stock prices rose to 60%. After a significant production process by the regulator, the company made a second announcement with additional information about the moves at the end of the trading day.

Noting that they made a deal to build a new oil refinery in Nigeria only on Sunday, Chiron has now decided to diversify his business to the crypto currency accessibility bir sector. The company signed an agreement with Crypto Technologies to distribute its own territory in its own country as well as in its own country to establish a subsidiary in North Cyprus (which is the occupied part of the island). The agreement also took the option of extending its distribution business to Nigeria within 12 months of the agreement.

All Casinos Need Bitcoin ATMs

Crypto Technologies Ltd is said to have tarafından developed a unique technology for the fast and safe sale and purchase of encrypted currency for end users, insured by the American insurance company Cr. By reading this description, it is understood that the main product is a mobile application and Bitcoin ATMs tablets. It is supposed to be ready for distribution until April.

Chiron, who has been trying to alleviate the editor’s fears, said that the user interface and the trading algorithm through APIs were previously developed, unaware of the legal bans on cryptocurrencies in the intended areas, and would not use bitcoin on its own or that it would not use mine bitcoin. In addition, the company announced that the potential customers for products are businesses, not individuals like casinos. Chiron’s lawyer said he had asked the Israeli media what the oil company was related to, saying one of the owners had connections in North Cyprus and had experience in the casino business.

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The World 1st Bitcoin ATM

The world’s first Bitcoin ATM was opened in Vancouver, Canada – the machine allows users to change their currency in cash and vice versa.

Also in technology news, the software maker Adobe has announced that recent cyber attacks put millions of client accounts at risk, and that Google’s own phone company, Motorola, has developed a modular mobile phone that allows users to personalize their keyboards, batteries, or other sensors.

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