The Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange collapsed briefly with the fall of Bitcoin. The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has been experiencing incredible activity for about the last 1 week, and this situation is still not fully terminated. BTC, which reached up to $ 13,000 two days ago, lost value close to $ […]

Brian Kelly explained the differences between Bitcoin and Libra. Facebook shared with the public on June 18, the long-awaited crypto money project Libra’s whitepaper. Afterwards, Brian Kelly, the founder and CEO of BKCM LLC, the crypto money hedge fund, evaluated Bitcoin and Libra. According to Cryptoglobe’s previously expressed Bitcoin as […]

ETH, which is still well below the all-time record, will it reach $750? After Bitcoin’s over $9,000, the bulls seem to have calmed down a bit. After the price reached $275, Ethereum started to draw stable price movements along with all the cryptocurrencies. Ethereum under the influence of bulls Despite […]

In accordance with Putin’s instructions, steps can be taken to delight the crypto ecosystem in Russia. Russian President Putin Orders Crypto Currency Regulations Putin instructed parliament to prepare cryptocurrency arrangements by June. Crypto Currency Regulations According to the documents, Putin wants crypto-related regulations to be completed by July 1, 2019. […]

BTMs, seen as proof of Bitcoin adoption, continue to spread around the World. The total number of Bitcoin ATMs in the world has reached 5,000 for the first time. CoinATMRadar confirmed this figure on 24 June. Total Digits: 5,006 According to the latest statistics, cryptographic currency users have 5,006 independent […]

Bitcoin breaks the record! Bitcoin has gone above $12,000 and continues its parabolic progress. This performance also affected Bitcoin’s market dominance. According to Coinmarketcap’s data on June 26, the leading crypto currency reached 60% market dominance for the first time since April 2017. Bitcoin’s Great Performance Bitcoin’s price has been […]

What is Crypto Money? In order to understand the concept of crypto money, it is necessary to know what cryptography is. Cryptography; It is a set of mathematical methods that work to provide information security concepts such as privacy, authentication, integrity. These methods are intended to protect information from active […]