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what is bitcoin

What Is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Satoshi Nakamato has published technical papers on Bitcoin, an end-to-end electronic payment system. Thus, Bitcoin emerged as a decentralized, tertiary intervention protected cryptocurrency. In 2009, it became available as a public network. Bitcoin was then called the first successful cryptocurrency “1st generation blockchain”.

Thanks to its decentralized structure, it has started to rise against today’s financial order in a very short time. While it is possible to track transactions entering the Bitcoin network, it is impossible to find out who is performing the transaction. Processes approved in the Bitcoin Blockchain Network cannot be reverted and cannot be modified due to its chain structure.

Since it cannot be regulated or controlled, Bitcoin’s value has increased from zero to thousands of dollars. After the rise of Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies emerged. These currencies are called “altcoins“, in other words, “alternative coins“. While creating alternative cryptocurrencies, competitive advantage was utilized with different features at various points and new market types emerged.

The maximum amount of Bitcoin that can be produced on the Bitcoin blockchain platform is 21 million. Bitcoin provides end-to-end, address-to-address transfer, and the block production time is approximately 10 minutes.

Bitcoin addresses are users’ identities on the platform. They cannot be associated with the transaction party and cannot be claimed if the keys of these addresses are lost.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin?

There are many advantages of using Bitcoin as well as the various risks.

  • Low risk of inflation and collapse
  • Simple
  • Reliable and untraceable (anonymous)

are the main advantages. An important advantage of Bitcoin is that money transfers are safer, cheaper and faster than traditional methods. There is no way to carry such high amounts of money in cash or in a different way so easily. It is also advantageous that transactions and account balances are not known and controlled by any person / or government/bank.

What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin?

Failure to enforce the permit is available in some cases where it provides an advantage but a disadvantage. It is used in the payment of products for which trade is illegal and used for money laundering purposes. Other disadvantages of the system include the small number of experts specializing in this technology, the risk of losing, and the shortage of platforms to spend.

What is the Source of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is not affiliated with any government or central bank. As with traditional coins, there are no precious metals like gold in return. It is not a monetary value that is physically printed. Bitcoin is a completely virtual system with a mathematical formula. This mathematical formula is open to everyone, and anyone who wants it can be involved. Every individual involved in the Bitcoin miner system will secure the system’s security.

Bitcoin Mining

It is a necessary system to ensure Bitcoin production and to ensure the continuity and safety of the blockchain system.

Since its inception, mining has been carried out with many different devices, and due to the increasingly competitive environment, innovations have consistently led to more profit in this field.

Mining is basically adding new blocks to the system by decoding cryptography passwords. Decryption depends on the processor capacity of the computer and the length of the password. Miners are rewarded with Bitcoin through blocks created by decryption.

The increase in the number of miners and the fact that the system allows the production of a block in just 10 minutes has made mining difficult to profit. In addition, the limited number of Bitcoins prevents the formation of inflation in the Bitcoin currency, although it is a factor that affects mining negatively.

Is Bitcoin Reliable?

Bitcoin is connected to a specific protocol, so every transaction you perform is encrypted from start to finish.

All operations on the encrypted chain are recorded. There is no security vulnerability in the system except for user errors such as losing your wallet information or hacking your computer. Thanks to the system that prevents the sale of Bitcoin value twice, a fraudulent submission is not allowed without your knowledge.

What was the value of Bitcoin in 2009?

A man bought $27 bitcoin in 2009 and is now worth $ 980 thousand! A Norwegian man who bought bitcoins worth $ 27 in 2009 and forgot them said that today’s prices have reached $ 980,000.

After discovering bitcoin as part of his encryption thesis, Kristoffer Koch decided in 2009 to buy 5,000 bitcoins for only 150 Norwegian crowns ($ 26.60).

Koch probably didn’t think he would get rich as a result, but his 5,000 BTC turned into a gold mine. It was a wise investment made by someone who came across bitcoin before the others did.

Koch found that his bitcoins were re-checked for 5 million Norwegian kroner ($ 886,000). The current $ 196 Bitcoin Price Index is worth $ 980,000.

After purchasing 5,000 bitcoins, Koch completely forgot them. That is, until April, when the price rises above $ 200 and the rise of Bitcoin is in the press.

“I thought to myself, didn’t I have something like that? ”Koch told NRK, a Norwegian news organization.

He did and sold some of it after finding the password to his wallet and seeing how valuable these bitcoins were. Now he has an apartment he bought in an expensive area of ​​Oslo, Norway. In the last year, thanks to the enormous price gains Bitcoin has experienced.

It turned out that Koch’s pointless technology spending against his girlfriend’s wishes was actually a major investment. Not fake anymore, at least to Kristoffer Koch.

Many people have prospered as a result of the rise of bitcoin, but such stories rarely appear in public. On Bitcointalk forums, there’s the story about Kevin who bought 259,684 BTC from $ 3,000 in 2011.

Then there’s Erik Voorhees, who founded the bitcoin gambling site Satoshi Dice and sold it to 126,315 BTC for about $ 24.7 million at the current bitcoin price.

And earlier this year, Verge reported that Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious founder of the Bitcoin network, had an address with more than a million bitcoins.

Of course, we should not forget the person who bought two thousand pizzas in 2009. Now, even if that person hired them or maybe he forgot them and rediscovered them as Kristoffer Koch did years later.

How Does Bitcoin Price Change?

The price of Bitcoin means the final transaction on a particular stock exchange. So you will see different “prices on different exchanges. For example, since Bitstamp has different exchanges than Coinbase Pro, each of these exchanges will show a different price for Bitcoin.

When more people want to buy Bitcoin (ie there is more demand), the price will increase because people are willing to pay more and trade at a higher price.

When fewer people want to buy Bitcoin (ie there are more supplies), the price will drop because people are not willing to pay that much.

How much has Satoshi Nakamoto?

The general bitcoin transaction log shows that Nakamoto’s known addresses contain roughly one million bitcoins. At the summit of bitcoin in December 2017, it was over $ 19 billion, which made Nakamoto the 44th richest person at the time.

What happens when all Bitcoins are mined?

What happens when the Bitcoin is mined? Eventually, these transaction fees should become valuable enough to encourage miners to continue, even if they do not continue to block material. Thus, while new bitcoins stop appearing, bitcoin miners will still be paid.


how to trade bitcoin

Welcome to our Bitcoin Exchange article. When Bitcoin was invented by the computer and cryptologist named Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and made the first transfer, he was perhaps unaware that he had fired a revolution wick. Bitcoin, which has been widely talked about for years and which is predicted to be the currency of the future, promises decentralized, rapid transfer and eliminates intermediary institutions, enables us to make fast, safe and fewer money transfers by taking its technology through its revolutionary technology called Blockchain.

Blockchain is essentially an encryption system that allows us to track encrypted transactions. Each block forms a chain, transfers and many operations can be done together with these chains. It is very safe because it has a traceable and unbreakable structure. Many programs and software for banks, web sites or applications can be written Blockchain-based. Many real businesses or e-commerce sites have begun to receive payments with bitcoin.

Stock exchanges play an active role in the transition to digital assets. Many exchanges have been established in recent years to convert real money into digital cryptocurrencies and, on the other hand, many Altcoins (alternative coins) are derived from Bitcoin’s leadership. Getting Bitcoin has become quite easy and people can register in stock exchanges in a simple way. Especially the people who dominate the foreign exchange and forex market have recently started to make more profit by trading bitcoin and trading in stock exchanges with appropriate commission rates.

Opening an Account on the Bitcoin Exchange Markets

It is very easy to open an account and start trading on the Bitcoin exchange. You can make a profit by trading on the Bitcoin exchange. Trading on the Bitcoin exchange is as easy as it is practical. Many changes have been made in our stock market in order to perform a quick transaction considering the user experience.

After you come to our stock exchange on the right side of the “Create a Free Account” section, fill in the required information at first. Create your account after confirming the user agreement. You will then receive an email confirming that your account has been created.

You will then be asked for your mobile number for SMS confirmation. After entering your phone number, you need to click the “Send Disposable SMS Code” button. After entering all the information you are logged into our stock exchange. You will then be able to quickly start Bitcoin purchases with the account verification you will be asked for.

Due to the unique characteristics of the stock exchanges, many stock exchanges have developed themselves in terms of security and have created a secure stock exchange for their users in the best way. Secure cold storage protects your digital money from intrusion by storing it in warehouses without an internet connection.

Security is maximized with two-step verification. You can log in to the stock exchange with SMS code if you want, thanks to the two-stage verification, you can log in to the stock exchange with the password generated by Google Authenticator application. Since Bitcoin and altcoin exchanges are open 24/7, you can trade at any time and you can buy and sell quickly.

Tracking Coins on Crypto Exchange Markets

There are many alternatives in the stock market to track coins. There are 5 coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin, respectively. The most preferred coins in digital currencies are listed and traded in our stock exchange.

With Bitcoin trading, the most preferred coin in our stock exchange has been Bitcoin, and Bitcoin now has the highest value in terms of market volume. Ethereum, the next development platform for blockchain applications, promises a slightly different and faster transfer. Thanks to the Ethereum platform, new applications can be written and adapted to the blockchain. Litecoin is the first sub coin after Bitcoin and promises faster transfers and fewer commissions. Dash coin is a confidential coin. Dogecoin emerged as an altcoin from an internet legend and was adopted by many people.

We have mentioned that one of the most sensible methods to buy bitcoin and altcoin is the stock market. In the world, the easy way by providing Although there are many stock purchase Bitcoin we add profits to your bottom line.

Our Bitcoin exchange has very low commission rates in trading transactions, but thanks to the membership reference system, we return 25% of the commissions received from each member you bring to our stock exchange and invest it in your account. With these commission refunds, you can minimize commission rates on your bitcoin purchases.

Earn Money by Buying / Selling Bitcoin

Although Bitcoin is a revolutionary currency, there are quite different alternatives. As there are many options for buying and selling Bitcoin, many sellers and users are cold approaching the stock markets due to commission rates. With a very low commission rate of 0.15% in our stock exchange, many sellers and buyers have started to make transactions on our site. With the purchase and sale of alternative coins, this ratio has increased, even more, reaching more users.

Although Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of Bitcoin was not initially thought of as profit and profit, making money with bitcoin has become very popular in recent years, and people buy Bitcoin by selling their real assets. Later, after making a profit, he sells bitcoin in stock exchanges and turns his money into real money. In this way, people have made many gains especially in the last year and a group called “Bitcoin Millionaires” has been formed. With these millionaires, its popularity has steadily increased and people have come to the stock exchanges to earn more money.

Is Bitcoin trading profitable?

There are four main ideas we’ll have before doing some automated trading for bitcoin trading.

  • The price of bitcoins is now quite steady, but sometimes rising suddenly for no known reason. The automatic operation, therefore, fails here.
  • Auto trading is best if you do it yourself with your own strategy. At least you know what the parameters are and how your boat will trade.
  • We believe it is always better for Bitcoin trading to offer you a bot that will offer you trade and then a human interaction to confirm.
  • There are some companies that trade automatic bitcoins, and you can count on them, but there is always a risk of putting your money in a hedge fund or an index.

Now to answer your question, it’s hard to say how much return you expect in a year, but I’ve always seen a company trade an automated bitcoin to get positive returns (but I don’t remember the details). He’il look at that.

It will depend on various factors, the strategy/algorithm you use, the number of players, and the overall market sensitivity. However, it has been seen that global markets move towards algorithm-based platforms that make sense since they eliminate the “emotion” part of the investment process.

Returning to your answer, you should have a strategy that comes from understanding the fundamentals of the industry, although automated.

He answered the question of how profitable or not the use of Bitcoin trading bots would be, or in other words, the automatic bitcoin trading would lie in the investors’ experience.

Profit or loss can be both automatic and customary. Although there is no evidence that using boots makes many people richer.

In my opinion, it is an effort to make the decision-making process in bitcoin trading simpler and easier with technical methods. The idea of ​​automating the Bitcoin exchange is not new and has already been developed. But even the most famous, robots ranked automatically by users and experts seem to have common drawbacks.

Although they do a quality-based analysis of data from some BTC exchanges, as a rule, they are too late to intervene in purchase and sale. In addition, some traders prefer to make a decision after sound research or because of their past experience. In this case, automated trading tools can be valuable for a bot, not just as a source of information because the last word belongs to a merchant.

Gina James

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